Croquet, played on specially built courts using precision mallets, balls and hoops, is an addictive game of skill and strategy. It combines strategy and precision and is a bit like snooker on grass or a combination of chess and golf.

The basics are easy to learn, and yet there is always a new level for those who seek a challenge.

Croquet is a competitive sport with a relaxed, sociable atmosphere, and a strong tradition of sportsmanship. A system of handicapping is in place so that players of differing abilities are able to compete on an equal footing against each other.

It is one of the few outdoor sports in which men and women compete equally.

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The History of Croquet:

The Modern Game in Australia

1830s – 1960s in England

History from 1066 – 1400 AD

Golf Croquet – a simplified version of the traditional game, which can be played in under an hour.

Association Croquet – traditional form of the game, strategic and more complex than Golf Croquet.

Ricochet – an Australian variant, it simplifies Association Croquet by removing the Croquet shot, not as straightforward as it may first appear.