Welcome to Stephens Croquet Club.

In 1923, the first sod for croquet courts in Yeronga Park was turned with a horse and plough. The inaugural members were notable ladies of the Stephens Shire, only playing Association Croquet sidestyle in white dresses and they were taught the game by members of East Brisbane Croquet Club.

Since the 1980s, hemlines have shortened and men have enthusiastically embraced the sport. Players can now wear shorts and trousers of various lengths and colours. Mallet design is based on science, and some rules for play have changed.

During the 1990s, Golf Croquet increased in popularity and has developed to a highly competitive level. Now some members also play Ricochet and Gateball.

Over the past 90 years amidst all this change, many things at Stephens have remained the same; good club facilities, firm friendships, satisfying results in all levels of participation from Gala Days and interclub Pennants to State Representation and World Championships.

Now, Croquet is a sport for the 21st Century that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy in the beautiful setting of Yeronga Memorial Park.