1923: Mr F. Stimpson, Chairman of Stephens Shire Council, obtained the north east corner of Yeronga Park for croquet lawns, and on 15th October of that year he arrived with horse and plough to prepare the ground. Two lawns were laid, and a small clubhouse was erected. The club commenced with a membership of 18. Mr timpson’s wife became the first president.

1930 –1939: The Great Depression had its affect on Stephens and by the end of the 1930s the club was still in debt to its founders. However, a septic tank had been installed and membership was capped at 41.

1939: Membership was recorded as being 94.

1940: Wartime. Stringent cost cutting had to take place as money was very tight and the club was still in debt. It was decided to stop paying the tea lady, and members needed to bring their own afternoon tea.

1949: The Australian Coal Strike and industrial unrest caused the club to postpone a planned party.

1950s: Croquet continued to flourish, and clubhouse additions such as curtains, new paint, shed rooves etc. made postwar life more enjoyable. The wearing of dark coloured cardigans was banned.

1961: There was discussion about accepting men into the club, but the matter was deferred. Men had previously been employed as greenkeepers. They were finally admitted as players some time before 1976.

1980s: This decade seemed to be a very important and successful one for Stephens. Many championships were played, and QCA and ACC events hosted, with Stephens gaining a reputation for the high quality of its lawns.

1987: Golf Croquet was mentioned for the first time. Previously only the traditional game of Association Croquet had been played.

1988: The clubhouse was repainted inside and out at a cost of $2116

1995: The dress code was made more specific: additional colour to be only royal blue, hat to be white with Stephens hatband, and common rules of decency and decorum to be observed.

2005: Mention was made of Ricochet and Gateball, with Golf Croquet numbers growing.

2006: After much contention, Golf Croquet players were given full membership.

2010: The refurbished kitchen was completed after grant applications were successful.

2013: After its beginning 90 years ago as a fashionable game for prewar ladies, croquet now is an international sport played by all people of all ages. Stephens today has a membership of 41, and boasts a dynamic mix of social and competitive players, several of whom are of national and international standard.

The Naming of the courts (26458 KB)